John of Mars fell in love with Fighting Lion in January 2018 and has praised it ever since.

My tattoo

my warlock Commission by @Ohlac3D

Update log:

  • 2022/4/11: Updates for Year 4
  • 2021/12/7: Update for 30th anniversary “buff”
  • 2021/10/21: Patch note previews for balance update
  • 2021/9/23: First update for S15 nerf
  • 2021/3/22: Updated Damage numbers
  • 2021/3/20: Updated patch notes for Season of the Chosen
  • 2021/3/19: Updated weapon suggestions, post-sunsetting
  • 2021/3/18: Updated lore page to fix broken images
  • 2020/7/14: Added commission from tmaaaaaa3
  • 2020/7/3: Updated for Season of Arrivals
  • 2020/4/21: Site launch

Special Thanks

  • SunSun for editing & testing.
  • TerriblePuns for test methodology feedback & tl;dr suggestions.
  • Wizard Magizard for PvP damage & glitch testing.
  • Prostate Puncher for PvP testing and Video Editing Software.
  • Murphy’s Reel and Goo154 for Pvp testing
  • Frantastic for post-nerf proof-reading and edit suggestions.
  • All written content here is by me, unless otherwise acknowledged.
  • Fighting Lion & Destiny are owned by Bungie.
  • Other content is owned by the respective authors. I’ve made every effort to cite my sources, but if I missed anyone, please let me know.