Shooting your Lion


The Classic Combo. Possible with any number of kinetics, from SMGs to Hand cannons, snipers, shotguns, etc.


Enemy got away with just a bit of health, but he’s hiding, huh.

Cover does not exist for your enemy.

Punish them.

Double Tap

If enemies do not retreat after a single hit, then they will die from the second one.

Blind Firing with Radar

Use your radar and map knowledge to anticipate enemy movement and hit them before they expect it.

Zoning (Deterring Pushes)

Not gonna waste your time & bandwidth with a video for this one. Detonate Lion rounds in doorways to prevent people from pushing.

Team Support

128 damage from your Lion makes for an easy clean-up from your team.

Super Long Range

One of the fun ways to enjoy Control is to shell the Capture point. :)

Easy Close Range

This is an easy close range encounter. Both combatants are on the ground, there’s a narrow hallway and the opening Lion shot is a good hit from far away. Anything would clean this up.

Tricky Close Range

On the other hand, this is one of the trickiest situations for Lion users. Your enemy is close range, in mid-air and moving very fast & unpredictably. A direct shot is possible, but if you miss, your target is too close to allow for a manual detonation. Lion needs 15 meters or 0.5 seconds before it can be manually detonated. Instead of aiming directly at your opponent, aim down off the ground and get the travel distance you need to do a manual detonation.


Titan barricades

dead barricades

Bank shots behind barricades to kill Titans who think they are safe. Also notice that as of patch 2.8.0, barricade damage is shown as yellow and guardian damage is white. Thus it is easy to distinguish between barricade damage and guardian damage.

Now on to Advanced Techniques:

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