Start with Basic Techniques:

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Playing with Lion: Be Mobile

Be Aggressive!

It is very easy to hang back and play passive, but that is not how you win. Lion has perfect hip-fire accuracy, and even imperfect detonations do massive damage. So keep moving, move unpredictably and use your enemy’s weapon range against them.

Vertical Play!

Lion has no in-air accuracy penalties. Pair it with other weapons with low/no in-air accuracy penalties, such as sidearms, SMGs, 180rpm hand cannons, etc.

Use Cover!

A sniper poking out of cover has to aim. A hand cannon user has to be out of cover has to aim for three (3) shots minimum. A lion user? Just poke and hop twice (2) and you can get your kill. Just remember, you’ll be doing it blind, so learn your velocity and geometry to get the kill.

Learn the arc, the speed and the maps

These are incredibly long range shots and with no proximity detonation, it takes intuition and practice to get good hits. It will come in time.


Deflecting other Projectiles

The Lion’s grenade is treated as a projectile so that means that besides getting shot out of the air, it can deflect other projectiles, such as grenades, and yes, Sentinel Shields.

Yeah, but other people can deflect your grenades too!

Antaeus Wards will ruin your day.


It’s tricky to get a round to land where you want, but you can place a grenade in a hallway or door and hold down the trigger for up to 6 seconds to prevent pushes. I don’t have any footage here for this and that should probably tell you something.

Old techniques

Lunafaction Well / Rally barricades

Lunafaction Rifts and Rally Barricades used to automatically reload weapons. And for Fighting Lion, that turned it into a Siege Tank. Those days are over as of Year 3: Shadowkeep.